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Why we chose to work with Skyscanner...

When scouring the marketplace for the right partner, our criteria was relatively simple yet rigorous. We needed to have a flight comparison tool that would cover most of the airlines, including budget ones and that would enable our customers and site visitors to search flexibly to find the best fares available.

In our opinion, after trying & testing out several options, we soon realised that with Skyscanners' ability to view fares for a range of dates, and to enter a whole country as a destination makes their search engine far more useful than any other competitor offering.

It certainly does away with the need to trawl through a lot of different airline sites, and depending on Skyscanners results for your particular search you can even save money by flying out with one airline and then returning back via another.

For instance, you can pick the price you are willing to pay and find what cities are open to you. You can pick a location and then scan through all the options for the best flights. It can find alternative routes and then you can pick the route and airline that suits you and your budget. Some can have layovers and you can see how long your journey will be and how much it will cost.

The flexibility that the search options offers does mean that you can browse prices across a whole month, or even a year, allowing you to get the best deals and as their unique “search everywhere” option trawls through billions of options to allow you to explore and identify the cheapest countries to visit at any given moment in time.

And since you booking will always be directly with the respective airline/travel agent, so you benefit by getting the lowest price, with no extra fees added.

As we're totally supplier independent we do use other airline offers from time to time, which you will see featured here alongside but for us it really was a 'no brainer' in partnering with Skyscanner to offer you their incredible search facility right here.

So, go ahead and check out the lowest fares to your choice of destination across this page now...

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