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Cheap holiday Goa

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For unbroken hours of sunshine, beaches, good food, churches and temples, Goa provides a welcome respite to the rigours of travelling around India.

Whether you've been backpacking around or simply after 2 weeks of warm sunshine to wallow in, Goa does have a lot to offer with its' laid-back atmosphere and air of old world charm.

A former Portuguese enclave, the remnants of which can still be found in the numerous churches and colonial villas dotted around the island, Goa is fast catching up with modern resorts forever springing up to cope with increasing demand from both local and international tourist alike.

The local drink 'feni' - distilled from either coconut or cashew is pretty potent with the alcohol content ranging from 43% to 45% depending on which part of the island that you buy it in.

Chicken 'Xacuti' pronounced 'Shakuti' is a speciality of Goa and is definitely worth a try especially if you like your curry to have a bit of bite. Other local favourites worth trying are Goan fish curry (Pomfret or Mackerel), Sorpotel (native to Goa only) made from pork and liver and Bibinca a multi-layered Goan cake.

If the mention of food has got your taste buds salivating then you'll be happy to know that cheap Goa holiday packages are plentiful with top tour operators vying with each other to offer you their best deals.

Most prices include flights and accommodation with half-board and full-board packages also available.

If you are travelling independently and want to organise your own hotel accommodation then these Hotels in Goa will give you plenty of options to choose from the B&B variety right up to 5* offerings. Prices range from just £12 per night for 3* accommodation. Check out the deals available below.

Take a look at the map below to familiarise yourself before you go.


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