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The Ionian islands of Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada and Zakynthos compete in popularity with islands of the Cyclades and the islands of Crete on the Aegean Sea.

The maps below detail where these islands are situated and for your convenience there are direct links to each of the main destinations in Greece that feature some of the very best all-inclusive, self-catering holidays deals from just £119 for 7 nights including flights and accommodation from the UK's top tour operators.

To get the very best of Greece simply click on any of the destination links below!
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CORFU fr. £160
Corfu is one of the top destinations in Greece. The island of Corfu was one of the first islands in Greece to open itself to tourism and has everything to offer to the visitor.

Because of the mild Mediterranean climate and high rainfall during winter, Corfu is full of verdant vegetation and wild plants making it one of the greenest islands in all Greece.

The island attracts thousands of visitors every year from all parts of the world...
HALKIDIKI fr. £146
Southeast of the city of Thessaloniki (Greece’s second largest city), lies the Halkidiki peninsula, birthplace of the famous Aristotle.

The peninsula of Halkidiki is a real paradise, endowed by nature with enchanting coves and bays, rocky headlands, beaches with golden sand and crystalline waters; olive and pine forest complete the amazing picture of a Halkidiki holiday...
HERAKLION fr. £135

On the northern coast of the prefecture of Heraklion visitors will discover various attractive coastal resorts full of all kinds of accommodation and wonderful beaches which can be reached by bus from Heraklion Town.

Other fine beaches can be found on the southern coast of the prefecture.

Matala is one of the most famous beaches extending over 300 metres, with light golden sand.

Cliffs surround this beautiful beach, transforming it into an almost private cove...

KALAMATA fr. £185
The land of the Kalamatianos dance and the silk handkerchief. Renowned for its' succulent black olives, honeyed figs and a sesame-covered sweet called pastelli.

From the castle you can survey the expanse of sea below with its sandy and pebbly shores or turn your gaze upon the deep green plain, the "happy land" of the ancients.

The old city is spread out underneath the castle. This is where the Byzantine church of the Virgin Ypapanti and the convent of the Kalograies, where the nuns weave the famous Kalamata silk, are situated...

Made famous by the book and film Captian Corelli's Mandolin, Kefalonia has acres of inland forest-covered mountains with spectacular views.

For the visitor, Kefalonia is a place full of wonders. It is not only the largest of the Ionian islands, it offers a variety of activities and features not found anywhere else in such frequency or quality.

The island's natural features and its unique cultural character make it one of the best destinations in Greece...


The island has long been known for its marvelous climate and outstanding beaches.

Kos offers an incredible variety of water sports at just about every organized beach on the island.

You can find water skiing, peddle boats, scuba diving, wind surfing, sailing catamarans, jet ski, banana boats and canoes and kayaks...

LESBOS fr. £109
Once home of the legendary poet Sappho, the island of Lesbos has been important in the region since 3000 BC.

Today, its main attractions are spear fishing and a unique terrain, ranging from rolling fields to pine forests, mountains and fairly empty beaches.

Visit the main city, Mitilini, set in a crescent-shaped bay in the shadow of a 14th-century castle...

MYKONOS fr. £129
Mykonos is probably the most cosmopolitan of the Aegean Islands.

The streets are a maze of narrow, winding alleyways - great for exploring.

Mykonos also offers fine dining, beautiful beaches, spectacular sunsets and a notoriously wild night life, clubbing and party scene...

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PREVEZA fr. £175
With its old Venetian Castle and surrounded by olive groves is a charming and peaceful town.

This small resort is surrounded by wooded hills and with plenty of coves to explore, beaches on which to sunbathe on make Parga a popular summer destination...

RHODES fr. £179
Rhodes is famous as the island of sun, sea and sand.

It is the third largest Greek island and officially the sunniest place in the Europe.

The City is among the finest, in Greece.

Rhodes has the character of a contemporary city and the quaintness of a medieval town, which gives it the impression of having been untouched by father time...

SAMOS fr. £174
Samos with waterfalls, green scenery and impressive rock formations.

Check out the quieter beaches of Kokkari and Potami on the western part of the island.

There are several interesting historical sights, such as the temple of Hera, Roman ruins and white-washed monasteries.

This is where Pythagoras the mathematician was born, hence the University of Mathematics is located on the island...

SANTORINI fr. £178
The small but beautiful island of Santorini is located at the south end of the island complex of the Cyclades.

The contrast of the deep blue of the sea with the reddish-brown and black colors of the land create a strange yet imposing natural beauty not found elsewhere in Greece.

Santorini's landscape, together with the colors of the land and the sea, the rich light, and the depth and clarity of the horizon, make for an unforgettable holiday destination...

SKIATHOS fr. £170
Skiathos the birthplace of Papadiamantis, one of the most important writers of Greek literature, is a green island with forests and abundant water.

There are around 60 fine beaches, which stretch all along the south-facing coast.

Skiathos town the capital and the main port of the island, offers a busy cosmopolitan life, numerous local tavernas and cafes located by the harbour.

Don’t miss to visit Kastro, Skiatho’s most notable monument...

THASSOS - fr. £159
The island of Thassos, the mythical land of the Sirens rises out of thewaves like a jewel in the North Aegean Sea.

Steeped in history and tradition, the island delights the visitor with its natural beauty.

In the northeast, the amazing coastline contrasts sharply with the serene landscape of the southwestern part of Thassos...

VOLOS fr. £149
Volos is the capital city of the region of Magnesia and is the gateway to Mount Pelion.

The Pelion Peninsula is a wonderful collection of beautiful, picturesque villages, full of magic and beauty, and is an ideal destination to visit all year round...

ZANTE fr. £135
Zante is the third largest island in the Ionian Sea, rich in beautiful landscapes and steeped in tradition.

Zante offers something for everyone, whether your ideal holiday is laying on a beach, dancing in night clubs till the early hours, scuba diving in clear blue seas or walking through traditional villages...

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