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Cheap Turkey Holidays

Turkey continues to be a well-hidden gem of the Eastern Mediterranean. Many great civilisations of the past such as the Hittites, Trojans, Greeks and Romans have left their mark here and in some ways have all helped to shape what Turkey is today.

For great cuisine, the ubiquitous Turkish baths, strong coffee, great souks and whirling dervishes there really is a lot to see and encounter. You can also enjoy a wide variety of activities from river rafting to skiing, scuba diving, yacht cruising and hot air ballooning. Or you can simply lose yourself in the many splendid historical sites dotted around the country.

The great thing about a holiday to Turkey is that you can have a truly memorable holiday without straining your budget. And featured below you'll find a selection of cheap Turkey holidays and package deals from UK's top tour operators - Go enjoy a cheap holiday Turkey and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!


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