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Quick facts About The Country:

Location: Mediterranean coast of North Africa nestling between the Atlantic Ocean and the Nile Valley.

Climate: Tunisia's climate offers a season for everyone's taste. Sailing, surfing, diving, golfing, exploring the archeological sites, deserts and oasis is a pleasure from October to May when the average temperature ranges from 12° - 28° C.

Tourism: The island of Jerba, south of the country, was ranked as number one destination in the world by the magazine Trip Advisor and Tunisia's beaches and hotels have attracted nearly 7 million tourists in 2007. Other attractions include the capital city of Tunis, the ancient ruins of Carthage, the Muslim and Jewish quarters of Jerba, and coastal resorts outside of Monastir.

Visa: UK passport holders may enter Tunisia with a valid passport and stay for up to three months without a visa.

Health: No vaccinations are recommended for Tunisia and no serious health risks exist, but all travellers are required to show a yellow fever certificate if coming from an infected area.

Safety: Tourist areas in Tunisia are regarded as being at risk of being targeted by international terrorism, but there have been no incidents since a car bomb attack on the offshore island of Djerba in 2002. Visitors should be vigilant however, and check on official travel advice. There is little violent crime, but petty theft and pick-pocketing does occur. Travellers are advised to avoid the border areas with Algeria, and be extra cautious if travelling alone in the southern desert areas.



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