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India is one of my very favourite countries! In this issue we cover the highlights.

But perhaps soon we'll also feature a special wildlife and nature section. So keep an eye out!


WELCOME TO TINA'S WAFFLE - For a closer look at the "Jewel In The Crown"

'Don't mind him!' our new friend waved scornfully in the direction of the eager tout who had just spent the last fifteen minutes hard-selling us a houseboat in Kashmir...

'No?' we asked in unison, beaming at the knight in shining armour who, with a few sharp words, had chased away the offending lad.

He seated himself and proceeded to initiate a friendly chat heavily laced with references to his honour and descriptions of his family.

We didn't jolt until it was too late, didn't flinch when the album was brought out.

Somehow, our instinct to flee was squashed until we had seen the very last picture of magnificently carved houseboats and were committed to staying on one.

The plane to Srinigar was announced and our friend made his way to the door, just in time to meet up and link arms with the tout from earlier.

We never did get the hang of avoiding the sales snare.

In India the attempts to part you with your money can drive even the most placid amongst us to violence!

Yet in the end I just laughed - because these are the rites of passage. For every rooking or scam there is a moment when you find yourself gliding through the silent icy mist of a lake in Kashmir.

You will be making your way towards a delicately carved houseboat after a day spent high in the snowy mountains, enjoying the pleasure of the company of a man known simply as 'old man'; a man who has watched colonialism come and go, who is totally illiterate and who will tell you more about the world than you could ever hope to know...

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