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We say a very warm welcome... Tina Probert who takes over this travel newsletter from Tim Lezard who has sadly departed for pastures anew.

Tina is a very keen traveller, freelance writer and mad about charities.

She will be featuring a selection of world destinations for discussion, information and comment.

WELCOME TO TINA'S WAFFLE - On the fabled Kingdom of Siam

The tiniest child was quietly lighting pieces of grass and smoking them...

He took deep puffs just like an old man and every so often snuck a look to make sure his chatting mother wasn't looking.

If Thailand conjures up images of Yul Bryner cavorting around with Deborah Kerr or the delicate aroma of one of the most exquisite cuisines in the world then read on because there's a lot more to the ancient land of Siam.

My memories are akin to an Alice in Wonderland world.

One minute I would be playing chicken with a medley of screaming Mercedes and belching tuk-tuks the next I'd step into an utterly silent white washed temple and find myself gazing up in awe at the largest golden Buddha I'd ever seen in my life.

I daydreamed on Thai trains as they ate up the country side carrying me past sunset drenched paddy fields towards beaches where the sand is so clean it squeaked when we walked upon it.

But it wasn't this that grasped me. Nor was it the wildness of crossing rapids on a fragile bamboo raft.

It was the stillness of a starlit night deep in the jungle and the warm peace of waking with indigenous tribes people watching the women gossip and wave whilst their cheeky children ran and giggled their way around the village.

Or like the one little boy I saw, sitting ever so quietly filling his lungs with smoke, just as he had seen the adults do...


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