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'A land of contrasts'

From rainforests and the outback to pristine beaches and gleaming cities.

Australia invites you to explore the rich cultural diversity that is modern Australia today...


G'day & welcome to a Pom's slant on Australia

Australia is still struggling with an almighty cultural...

Hangover and national crisis of identity.

Despite being home to huge populations of Italians and Greeks - known collectively, and worryingly, as "Wogs" - Aborigines, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thais, Lebanese, Turks, Dutch, Irish and just about every other nationality you can think of, it just can't shake off its Britishness.

The Queen still grimaces from its bank notes and the Union Flag has not been budged from the national emblem, despite a recent referendum.

This makes everything horribly familiar for the Western visitor. What do Aussies do to relax?

They go to the pub. What's their favourite meal? Sunday roast. Biggest sport? Football, albeit a pretty strange version.










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