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Home of the 2000 Olympics and easily the most recognisable Australian city.

Sydney, a city buzzing with life and attractions, is built around the world's most beautiful natural harbour.

The famous opera house and harbour bridge make Sydney a must-see for any visitor to Oz. Sydney is the country's biggest city, with more than 3.3 million inhabitants.

As well as its urban charms, it boasts the most famous beach in the world, Bondi.

The sumptuous Blue Mountains are just an hour away.


The grand old lady of Australia and the country's cultural heartland. Melbourne is the most European of Australian cities and arguably the most attractive.

Famous for its pubs, bands, football teams and Ramsey Street.

Great Barrier Reef:

The biggest living structure in the world (yes, bigger than Vanessa Feltz) and the longest reef at 2,000 km. Dive or snorkel along the reef for a close look at its 1,500 species of fish and 400 types of coral.

You can also take a glass-bottomed boat from towns along the Queensland coast.


The hulking 3.6km long, 348m high red rock which draws visitors to Australia in their thousands each year.

Uluru, formerly known as Ayer's Rock, is a sacred Aboriginal site and is spectacular and unmissable.


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